TutuApp 3.1

Mobile devices have become an important piece for many people. They are used not only for communication nowadays but they have become a source of entertainment or at other times used for work. However, upon purchasing the mobile device it usually just come with the basic mobile application and you have to download and install other mobile applications for that matter.

There are mobile applications that are free to download and there are those that are paid mobile applications. And if you are one of the many who loves premium items but has no capability to pay or you simply do not want to shell out money for a mobile app then you do have to sulk in the sideline. Download TutuApp 3.1 and you can access many paid apps with no cost at all.

What is TutuApp?

TutuApp is an alternative to Google Play Store and Apple App Store where you can download various games and utility mobile apps. The big difference is that it will cost nothing to download even the paid apps. More so, with the TutuApp you will also have access to modified apps for free. Because of this, you cannot download this app in the Play Store and the App Store for it is deemed as a major competitor. However, even if it is not found in both stores, it is still gaining popularity to many mobile device owners.

The very obvious reason why TutuApp is popular especially to those who love playing premium games on their mobile phones or tablets is that it allows them to have access to many top games without any payment. More so, another cool feature of the app is that the interface is similar to the major app store for this reason navigating through the app and searching for other mobile apps is very easy and uncomplicated.

Downloading and installing the app is very easy no matter what the operating system your mobile device is running on. Download TutuApp 3.1 here, install and you can start downloading apps from the broad options they are offering. Another great news is that you do not need to root your Android device or jailbreak your iPad or iPhone.

Since it is not found in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store you might think that it is illegal and not safe. Although a few issues have arisen and one of which is privacy then you might want to think before you download and install. But other than that, there has been no major issues found ever since it was first released.

Latest Version of TutuApp

In version 3.1 of the TutuApp, the latest features include intuitive UI, the app still allows you to download paid apps for free, you can clear the cache from the TutuApp, you have the option where to save your downloaded premium app whether on your SD card or directly on the phone, and most important thing of all is that you can still download TutuApp for free.

The new features for this version include improvement in its graphics and you will be notified when there are new updates for the app. Furthermore, bugs were fixed in the clear cache option and minor enhancements on its performance were done.

Overall, TutuApp is an app that you will surely love and enjoy. So download TutuApp 3.1 now to experience premium apps for free.

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