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To many, songs play a vital role in their life. Songs help people express their mind, soul, and creativity freely. Furthermore, songs can also be a great escape from stress and pain. It can be a great therapy that will help you relieve from stress and make you relax and calm. When you hear songs that cheer you up or songs that you can strongly connect it, there is an instinct that you sing along. However, it is a fact that you know all the songs that are being played on the radio or television. But how can you sing along if you do not know the lyrics or simply the title of the song? Good to know that Shazam was created.

What is Shazam?

For those who do not know, Shazam is a mobile application that helps you recognize any song that is being played in the media around you. It will also help you effortlessly know the lyrics of the song. Since Shazam is compatible with Android and Apple devices, you can share your latest discoveries with your friends who are also Shazam users. Furthermore, you can follow other people including your favorite artists and know that songs that they are also listening to. The in-app store of Shazam allows you to purchase different music tracks that you can own forever. Furthermore, if you subscribe to the premium streaming subscription of Shazam, you will enjoy unlimited streaming with lyrics included.

Shazam is the best multifunction mobile app to download if you are planning to explore new dimension as well as the genre of music. The mobile app has a feature wherein users can browse through the different music and help you identify each one. And with your recent searches, the app will recommend tracks based on your interests.

If you have several devices, you can sync your Shazam across each one without any problems.

Shazam is an app which is free to download and use but if you do not want advertisements to pop up while using the app you can download Shazam Encore.

What is Shazam Encore?

Shazam Encore was developed by the same developer of Shazam which is the Shazam Entertainment Limited. Shazam Encore is the better Shazam because it has no ads. However, there is a one-time fee to upgrade the free app to the premium one. For $6.99, you can already upgrade to Shazam encore.

Aside from the ad-free app, the premium users will also enjoy full track playback of sings with the help of Spotify. Other than the ones mentioned, Shazam and Shazam Encore share the same features.

What is TutuApp?

Not everyone wants to spend a dime for premium mobile apps for different reasons. And here is where TutuApp comes into the picture.

Tutu App is an app that resembles app stores such as the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. But unlike the two, Tutu App is hiding in plain sight because it offers premium apps to users without collecting any fees. Furthermore, Tutu App is also offering modified and hacked versions of apps.

For many mobile device users especially the gamers, Tutu App is the best place to download games like Pokemon Go and other premium games. For music lovers, Shazam Encore can be downloaded from the Tutu App without having to pay the one-time fee.

If you have doubts with the legality of Tutu App, then you can opt not to download and use the app. However, apps like Tutu App can only guarantee you one thing and that is you can enjoy premium items and modified apps without spending anything.

You can download TutuApp here and enjoy the music all you want.

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