5 Apps Like TutuApp | TutuApp Alternatives

What are apps like TutuApp on Android and iOS devices? Find out the best TutuApp alternatives available for download right now!

Many consider TutuApp the best online store for free apps and games that work either on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. But there are many other apps that provide unlimited access to free games and apps for mobile users. Find out what are these alternatives and which suits your needs.


AppValley is relatively new Chinese app store that was rolled out in the late 2018. It is also free to download for everyone and has a few features that fulfill the needs of mobile users when it comes for games and apps for Android and iOS. Here are they:

  • AppValley works both on Android and iOS phones&tablets;
  • Basic version is available for free;
  • Easy installation: no jailbreak or root access are required;
  • Very smooth and easy to navigate user interface;
  • Constantly updated library of games and applications;
  • The app is in active phase of development thus being constantly updated;
  • AppValley supports a wide range of Android and iOS versions. Even if you don’t have the latest OS version the app still works!
  • Has VIP version that opens new possibilities for users.

As any other app, AppValley has its downsides. There are few, but still.

What Can Be Improved
  • Number or apps available for download is smaller than competitors;
  • Sometimes bugs pop-up here and there.

AppValley is definitely a number #1 alternative for Tutu App and it has all changes to be the next best store for free Android and iOS apps.


In the last couple of months another app like TutuApp has risen. It is called TweakBox and it features many popular games (Pokemon Go, Minecraft, Clash Royal and other) and apps (Spotify etc.) that are divided into 4 categories: AppStore apps, TweakBox apps, Tweaked Apps and Hacked apps. Here is more about this app:

TweakBox Features
  • Easy installation;
  • Friendly UI;
  • Different categories to find the best game or app;
  • The app has implemented FAQ section which helps to fix 99% of user’s errors and problems.

Unfortunately, TweakBox works only on iPhone, iPad and iPod. This and other downsides are listed down below:

TweakBox Cons
  • There is no version for Android phones and tablets.
  • Updates may take some time to download and when they do the app is unavailable.

If you are an iOS user TweakBox is one of the best free app market now, that’s for sure.


vShare is an old store for Android and iOS apps. It has many apps available for download for free!

vShare Features
  • Big library of apps both for Android and iOS devices;
  • The app has proved itself to be one of the longest working alternative app store;
  • Many guides are available over the Internet to help fix any issue a user may experience.

Unfortunately, vShare had some problems in the latest months and that has a negative effect on the app.

  • Requires a PC to install an app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • In the latest months vShare become less and less popular due to some problems;
  • Less and less apps are being uploaded into the store.

If you looking for a TutuApp alternative, you may take a look at vShare. But compared to the other applications listed here we don’t recommend it.


AppEven became available for mobile users this winter and it’s a completely new app compared to TutuApp, AppValley or TweakBox. However, this app comes with few features that no other alternative store has. Let’s take a look at them.

AppEven Features
  • More stable connection between the gadget and app servers;
  • Easy installation both on iOS and Android devices. The app doesn’t require root access for Android nor Jailbreak for iPhone/iPad;
  • The fastest growing library of games and apps for both operating systems;
  • Bugs are being constantly fixed;
  • Developers put a lot of efforts into developing their app to deliver the best user experience ever.
AppAven Cons
  • Library of games is somewhat less compared to TutuApp;
  • Still many bugs as the app is being actively developed.


Aptoide is famous website that has approximately 700 000 apps for Android free to download. They also developed free app for Android and iOS users so they can have the best experience with their store. We have collected many reviews from Aptoide users and this is what they like about it:

Aptoide Features
  • Aptoide has the biggest library of games and apps for Android. In this regard, it’s the best alternative for TutuApp;
  • All apps are FREE;
  • It provides the private repository for users to share apps and stuff between friends;
  • The app is safe and doesn’t get access to user’s private data;
  • Users can rate and write reviews;
  • Aptoide is available in many languages apart from English and Chinese;
  • Very friendly user interface makes this app available not only for younger audience but for older people as well.
Aptoide Disadvantages
  • Some apps are being deleted or made unavailable for some users;
  • Not all apps that are stored there went through process of safety check so some of them may contain some mailware software.

That are the best apps like TutuApp that we managed to find. Do you know any other app alternative? Write it in the comments!

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